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HP Tablet Woes!

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HP Touchpad




HP cut the price on the TouchPad, its webOS-based tablet, just a few weeks after the device entered the market. However, sales still seem to be struggling. Best Buy has reportedly sold just 25,000 out of the 270,000 units it’s ordered, and other sales channels appear sluggish as well. What about HP’s tablet is keeping it from gaining a solid foothold? …… The TouchPad was also hurt by a lack of apps…

Sometimes I wonder whats up with Techies.  HP is not suffering from the webOS system that it is running because if anyone knows anything about technology they’d know that the webOS runs on the Linux Kernel and that should be a plus on any check-list.  Its not really the price, though starting originally at $499 (now $399) it was a bit pricey, but so is the iPad 2 at $499.  And what about the apps?  I mean, how many apps can you really use because the HP Touchpad has 300 apps made specifically for it, and it can run another 5600+ apps made for other webOS based smartphones.    That’s almost 6000 apps!  To say that it needs more apps is like saying the Pacific Ocean needs more water.

You know what I think?   I think that the HP Touchpad sales are  suffering because of one primary  reason… it’s not an iPad!    Not that  the iPad or iPad 2 are better than the HP Touchpad because according to the reviews, they are not.  Its all about  name, which brings me to my first secondary reason for the struggling sales:  its lack of name recognition.  I mean, sure, everyone has heard of HP (Hewlett-Packard) but not many people know what the hell webOS is, and HP is not known for Mobile devices, unlike Samsung.  And in this crazy brand-named society we live in, if you don’t have a name that is popular people simply will not deal with it.    Not being able to run a Windows Mobile OS nor any iOS (which would not have mattered because most iPad owners don’t know what the OS is on the system, all they know is that it is an iPad) – HP’s logical choice of OS should have been Android 2.2 or higher.  Actually,  Android  got lucky as until recently  it wasn’t  the highest rated Mobile OS in the world, Symbian OS was.    But Symbian slipped and Android  caught the attention of Google and the rest is, as they say – “history”.

You see, I’ve been telling people about Android for years and no one heard me.  Now, Android is probably the most popular OS on mobile devices today.  The Samsung Galaxy, which has sold some 600,000 units of its 7″ Tablet world-wide, runs Android, which is the only reason why it has the success it has.  The Android Mobile OS will be the reason for whatever sales the Notion  Adam  Ink will have as the company has absolutely no name recognition, and if they don’t market their product based on the Android OS they may go bankrupt.  But hey, that’s business!

The  final “secondary reason”  for the failure of the HP Touchpad is probably due to the lack of  public knowledge of its apps.  But this is really a after-reason, or an excuse given by consumers as to why they don’t want to buy it.   People do that, you know!  They will have  their minds made up already based on some superficial reason  (like the name of the OS or the brand of the product, which has nothing do with the functionality or quality of the product) so they  lie!    I mean, it does have nearly 6000 apps for it.  5,970 more apps than any business person will need, and really about 5,990 more apps than the average person will ever need.  So its not really about the apps, it’s the name of the OS and the brand of the device.  If the HP Touchpad  had Android on it it, and HP would have focused on advertising the Android OS as the main feature, it  would have sold pretty well world wide.

So if you like HP products, the Touchpad will work just fine for you.

Khazeem Asadullah, CEO


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