I strongly support the position that there can be no successful social revolution without the people understanding the laws of the land.  Today, legal arguments are replacing marching, protesting, and picketing as the new form and style of activism so we need to change our views of the law, and get with the times.   

Dr. Khazeem Asadullah – Founder of The People’s Reform Party of America, CLCSO

About The PRP….

Dr. Khazeem Isam Asadullah talks about his goals as the founder and leader of the People’s Reform Party of America.

                                        PRPA, Common Law Civil Society

                                  This Organization is Currently Inactive

The People’s Reform Party of America is looking for energetic, dedicated individuals to help rebuild this organization.  Dr. Asadullah has detailed plans to increase the quality of life of all members from education to financial freedom – TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM, and not some talking point on CNBC.  To deal with social injustices, instead of begging, petitioning, and protesting others to make changes in the lives of the people, Dr. Asadullah focuses on the people and ask them what can they do to change their own lives.   If you are interested please contact us through this site and tell us why you would like to join.  Thank you.

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Patriot: the person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about.
~ Mark Twain